Life Lately | October 2014 Edition


Life lately has seen us buy a home and sell ours within 72 hours.  For real.  The search was longer than that but we found it and make an offer and sold within 24 hours.  So blessed.  Now we are going through the final steps and setting the dates.  Time to finish purging and packing.

Life lately has me up early and to bed late between getting the house ready and keeping it ready!  Which in the end has paid off for us.

Life lately has me back into my photography, just dabbling, feeling inspired, but not really sure where it will take me.  I need something to change to grow so lets see where the winter takes me.  (yes I said winter)

Life lately has us having our family photos done again.  It is a yearly tradition no matter how I feel.  It’s important to me to document us as a family and as individuals.  I have lots of photos of myself growing up, but precious few of my family.  I know what it’s like to loose a family member to earn and to mourn not having photos to look at, marvel at, and remember with.  Cannot wait to do our yearly photo book for us and the boys.


Life lately has the fall days getting shorter and shorter and the impending winter will be upon us soon.  Trying to soak up those warm sunny days and cool nights as much as we can.

Life lately has us getting ready for a season of change after 14 years in this home.  I watched it built from nothing with no other houses around it.  Followed it from an empty lot, to a hole in the ground, cement foundation to now where we are packing it up to let another family call it home.  I am excited and sad.  I know it’s going to be hard for my two boys too, change is not their friend.  We will make it through and have many new adventures in our new home.

Life lately has been good.

Saying goodbye to my sweet Cali girl

My sweet Cali passed away today.  She lived a full life, almost 17 years together we had and always a puppy at heart.  I knew it would be hard but I can’t even begin to explain how it feels to have had to say goodbye to her.  So instead I want to remember.


I want to remember how little she felt bringing her home from the breeders that valentine’s day so long ago.

I want to remember how I loved taking her to my Mom’s work for dog training.  How this little black and white thing did amazing and aced everything – well she gave me a run for my money on pulling on the leash.

I want to remember how much my Dad loved her, and how much comfort I found in caring for her after he passed away.  Maybe they are together playing ball now.  I bet she’d love that.

I want to remember HOW much she loved chasing a ball.  That was her driver, and still was 16 years later as much as we wanted her to rest those old bones of hers.

I want to remember how she was a magician.  We still never figured out how she got into things that was CLEARLY outside of her reach.  This dog must have had some magic tricks up her sleeve to get into the things she did.  How did you get that pizza?

I want to remember how she ate EVERYTHING, and I mean everything.  Seriously, I don’t know how we didn’t have 20 emergency surgeries in her lifetime.

I want to remember how she looked wearing her red collar.  My black, white and red love affair began with her.

I want to remember so many things, but most of all I want to remember how much she gave me over the last 17 years.  She has seen me through all of my major life events and now her passing has been another.  There will never be another like you.  The whole you have left behind will not be filled and our days will be less fuller without you.  We love you so my sweet Cali girl._MG_9924

Life Lately

2014-09-03 19.55.10

Life lately involves working all day then coming home to work around the house.  Doing so major home purging and renovating these days.

Life lately involves making lunches for back to school for both the kids and myself.  I actually dislike making my own lunch, I find I’m never hungry for what I make.  Snacks work best for me.

Life lately involves Ian playing outside with his friends for hours, as much as the 10 more minutes please Mom conversations make you crazy, I truly love that he’s active and outside so yes, 10 more minutes.

Life lately involves working with new students which I just love.  New Teachers, new families, new school.  I  miss my old one but I’m falling in love with this new adventure and am finding my path.

Life lately involves lots of time inside and outside.  Nature walks, taking the season change in and then exploring it inside all over again when we bring it with us.  So many new things we are discovering.

Life lately involves less photos which makes me sad but I’m trying to even capture the mess of our renovation.

Life lately involves long days and short nights.

Life lately involves the desire to just rest and do nothing, but that will come.

Life lately involves celebrating birthdays with those you love dearly even if they don’t want a big fuss.

Life lately involves loving my two boys.

Life lately involves living life to the length and the width and trying to always keep that in mind.

2014-09-18 08.52.58

Life lately involves living life to the length and the width and trying to always keep that in mind.

Saying goodbye to summer

DSCF1858Summer break is almost over here and we have one more long weekend to enjoy before all of us go back to school.  I have two workshops this week but we are trying to enjoy these last few days as much as we can.

It has been a pretty quiet summer this year since we took a big trip to Florida before Christmas.  Plus the little man had his surgery at the beginning of summer which ate up over three weeks of our summer the poor guy.

What I loved about this summer?  Not having a plan.

We had a relaxed stay at home summer with a few day trips thrown in.  Nothing fancy.  We slept in, stayed up late, played games and watched tons of movies.  I’m sad to see summer go but I know we have next summer to look forward too.  I know we have fun school adventures, and Christmas break too. Then before you know it we will be counting down the last ten weeks of school again.

So here we are saying goodbye to summer… you were simple and quiet but warm and fun.  Until next time summer.


Getting current | Project Life® Creative Team

With my arthritis illness that hit early this march I fell really behind in my documenting our family life in my Project Life album.  I spent a lot of time catching up this summer while I was off for summer break.  These layouts span April, May and June.  I really loved leaving the weekly format behind.

This layout is from April and features Design A, 6×8 page protector, Design G, Seafoam, Teen Boy and some Studio Calico labels.TMcKerninAugust1 TMcKerninAugust1a

This layout if from May when we were working on some renovations around our house.  My uncle was up and taught us how to tile a back splash.  I used Design A, Midnight, Seafoam, and a Paislee Press QR template.

TMcKerninAugust2This layout is from June as school finally was wrapping up.  It was a busy time for us, getting ready for summer break, Jake’s upcoming surgery and I even had a job interview!  In this layout I used Design A, Seafoam, Coral and Midnight.


Project Life® is a memory-keeping system created by Becky HigginsI use photos, text and stuff to document our life weekly, monthy and for everything in between.

Living with Arthritis | Part Two

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 preset

Still without knowing what was wrong with me, still in constant pain and barely functioning I was lost.  I feared going to sleep at night, afraid I wouldn’t wake up.  It’s amazing how important our health is and how easily we take it for granted.  I started journalling to try and relax myself enough to allow sleep to happen.  It helped calm me.  You most certainly do not want to read it.  It’s pretty morbid, I was really so ill I thought I was dying.

The medication was helping, I had more movement but still swelling and pain.  Plus the addition of the nasty side effect of a constant state of nausea and stomach pain.  Awesome right?

Then my doctors office calls and the earliest I can see a specialist so far is a year away.  A year.  I told them I’ll be dead in a year.  She wasn’t impressed.  Nor was I.

What do I do?  I was afraid I would lose my work contract.  I had no health benefits.  Very grateful for our health care system but no medical coverage equaled very expensive medication.

Finally after a month I caved.  I didn’t take my medication and I went to work.  Lets see how bad this gets.  I worked the school day, by the time I was picked up and tried to get out of the care I could barely move.  I had a long hot bath.  Got ready and left the boys with my Bill and headed to the emergency room at the hospital with my Mom.

Dinner hour is a good time to go just as a heads up.  Oh, and we had bets on how long before I was even looked at.  My Mom’s 6 hour bet was bang on.

I cried telling the intake lady my story.  I had to wait for the intake nurse.  Then I sobbed telling her the story.  My swelling was the worst it had ever been.  I could barely find shoes to put on my feet.  I was taken to the acute care waiting area.

After hours I finally seen by the next nurse.  My swelling was all the way up past my knees. There was no give when you touched it.  I felt like I was exploding.  My pain was horrible.  My blood pressure which is normally amazing was through the roof.  I was just a tad stressed.

I was finally moved to a bed and the acute care emerge.  There we had to wait the last two hours before I was seen.  Someone came in critical with a hip fracture so we had to wait for the next doctor to come in to take over.

When I was finally seen, he was amazing.  My swelling had gone down slightly due to being able to lay down.  He referred me to a local Rheumatologist and said I’m told his wait is rather quick but can be long sometimes so hopefully you’re on the quick list.

That was a Friday night, by Tuesday we got the call and I was seeing him the following Monday.

Miracles do happen.

To be continued.

Exploring the Local Library

I’m not sure why on earth it I don’t go to the library.  I love to read, I don’t do it as much in the school year but I devour books.  In 24 hour periods.  If I’m into it, I’ll polish it off right away.  I’m that girl.

photo 2

Our main branch is in the downtown core and I’ve never really like driving there with kids,parking in some far lot, and then walking to the library.  It was always hard to make it back in time to drop them off when I commuted so late already.  I don’t know I just was never comfortable doing it. The books then were never on time, nothing was online, I had to go in to pay late fees.  Ugh.  I’ll buy my books instead.

Fast forward to 2014.  Finally decided after my last score of random $2 books from a major bargain books sale at Chapters.  I could do it no more.  Too many books, no room, no money in the budget for reading.  I caved.  A newer branch had been build closer to our home, and actually Bill helped do the data infrastructure with his previous company.  So we all went.  My youngest was excited because we were going to a play land near buy to play after.  So he was down for everything.  My oldest basically fought and argued the whole way there.  Bill grumbled that we weren’t going to the downtown location.  I was afraid it was going to be an epic fail.  EPIC FAIL.

Then a few things happened, like their great lounge surrounded buy all their DVD and Blu Ray discs.  Oh, they have TV series, oh hey isn’t this the one we wanted to watch but haven’t seen?  Yeah Bill got roped in.  We got the first three discs of season one of Elementary.  So excited.

Then Jake discovered lego books, and picked one out.  He noticed a page was coming out so we took it over to the Librarian and asked her what to do.  So which she made a note in the system, she did a temporary fix and started chatting up Ian.  She spoke the language of graphic books quite well and hooked him into two series and suggested several more.  Suddenly Ian was sitting and reading while Bill and Jake played lego.

photo 3 photo 1

Then it was my turn, I picked out a book to read with each of the boys and snagged one I’d seen at chapters.  It was awesome I finished while curled up on the couch while the day rained, and rained more, and then again.  I got the Rainbow Fish for Jake and I to read.  Love that book.  Then for Ian and I we picked up The Magician’s Elephant.  At some point Bill picked up a book in the mix and we were on our way.

photo 5 photo 4

When we got home I went to write the return dates on the main calendar.  Where was the sheet of paper.  I checked the car, three times.  I checked their website to see if there was a way to check, there was but I needed a PIN.  What PIN?  Long story short I talked to someone, now have access to an only account where I can track, renew and request books.  I currently have three on order and will switch out all the ones we’ve already finished.  So excited already have a list of books to read, three on hold to pick up and even Ian’s browsing the books!

Why did I wait so long again?

Birthday Card | Project Life® Creative Team

Jake is going to his best friends birthday this weekend.  This little girl loves My Little Pony, she also love my Jake.  So I wanted to make something special from Jake for her to go with her gift.  Using the newly release Peace, Love & Sunshine Value Kit I whipped up this card in minutes.  In photoshop I added some words, printed them at home, cut, glue, sign and done!  Super easy and super fun._MG_9704



Project Life® is a memory-keeping system created by Becky HigginsI use photos, text and stuff to document our life weekly, monthy and for everything in between.

July 2014| Project Life® Creative Team

Here are some of the layouts I made this month.  I needed to play catch up from being very ill for the last few months so I spend two days and got all caught up.  I pulled together 15 two page layouts in two days.  15!

My son’s 5th birthday family party – very low key because he ended up getting sick but we managed a little celebrating before calling it an early day.


This was the beginning of July – my everyday magic layout.  I used teen boy, midnight and strawberry edition.  Love being able to pull from multiple kits and making it work.

TMcKerninAugust4Project Life® is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. I use photos, text and stuff to document our life weekly, monthy and for everything in between.

Our trip to Cocoa Beach | Florida Trip 2013

2013-11-27 14.59.14-1

In November my Mom, my boys and I headed to Kissimmee, Florida for our first real vacation. It was our second time to Florida and my boys first time.  My sister also met up with us for a few days too which was great since she was 2 the last time we were there!

One of the last things we did was drive out to Cocoa Beach for an afternoon on the beach. It was a super fun day and we so enjoyed all of our time spent at the beaches around Florida. Our visit to Cocoa was one of our cooler days but it was amazing none the less.

I found the Alantic side of Florida much cooler this time of year than the Gulf coast side. So no swimming for us unlike our trip to Sanibel Island. Which was fine with us because it was just wonderful to be able to soak it all in. Sun. Surf. Sand. Love. Not to mention is was November and back home the ground was already covered in about 2 inches of snow.

I could spend the rest of my days on a beach with the sound of the ocean crashing onto the shore. That salty tang, sand between your toes, beach hair, boys digging in the sands, oh how I love it. So sad spending our last day at the water, but it was perfect.  We can’t wait to go back again and spend our entire vacation on the beach.

2013-11-27 15.27.55 2013-11-27 15.06.59-2 2013-11-27 15.06.322013-11-27 16.21.432013-11-27 16.20.012013-11-27 16.18.452013-11-27 16.17.592013-11-27 16.14.112013-11-27 16.13.592013-11-27 16.12.562013-11-27 16.10.20-1 (2)2013-11-27 16.09.482013-11-27 16.05.042013-11-27 15.52.462013-11-27 15.52.052013-11-27 15.50.212013-11-27 15.44.212013-11-27 15.43.562013-11-27 15.36.262013-11-27 15.35.322013-11-27 15.04.31