Thursday | Week in the Life

Thank you for stopping by – here is our Thursday in photos and words.

Our Morning was an early start. He came for snuggles.  I love that he did.20150820_085716

The winds picked up and the sky grew dark.  I hurried to get the puppy and back in before the rain came.20150820_085900

Then the rain came, and did it hit hard.  Just as Nana came home from physiotherapy, and just before we had to leave to head into the city to the doctors.20150820_094440

And we are off to Toronto.20150820_112752

After the two hour drive through construction and rain we finally arrive at the doctors, but now we wait.20150820_124022


Our wait was actually amazingly short today – which never happens. Win. We weren’t rushed and checked everything of our three lists for all three appointments.20150820_13145420150820_131447

So our journey back home begins, with…. wait for it… you guessed right more rain.  *sigh*20150820_150703

I was exhausted by the time and had a headache building, so I took my medicine and went to lay down for an hour.  The downtime was much needed for everyone.  The boys went off to play.  They puppy was out.  We were home and all was good.20150820_173303

So once everyone was feeling better we headed off to the shoe store and the pet store which happen to be side by side.  Thanks for driving Nana.20150820_175359

So began our EPIC shoe search.  It’s hit and miss with the boys, they are both picky and I find the boys section to be dwindling.20150820_175507

Ian was successful with his first pair.  But Jake wanted an similar pair and so the banter started. 20150820_175834

Success for Ian – one down and two pairs for Jake to go.20150820_180123

Shoe shopping with Jake usually involves ‘testing” the shoes.  20150820_185314

Next up was a visit to the pet store with Max (not to worry he was hanging out with Nana while we bought our shoes).

After some time making a simple dinner for Bill and I and the boys playing – I wrapped up my day with a tea and checking some email.

Thanks for stopping by to see my photo and words from our Thursday.


Wednesday | Week in the Life

Welcome to Wednesday’s photos and words.

_MG_7682Morning routines die hard, tea in the morning for the win.20150819_103459

Checking out my Get to Work planner.  Love this book.  Lots of travel in the car today.20150819_104234

Waffles for breakfast, wishing we had a waffle maker to make our own recipes.  Maybe one day._MG_7683

Finished processing Tuesday’s photos and sent them to load on the blog while I headed for the shower._MG_7700

Shower time._MG_7694

He loves being a big boy and getting to help take care of Max.20150819_134142

Good mail day, my new ruler and my new back cover arrived from Elise Blaha Cripe and the Get to Work Book.  Seriously amazing customer service, and great product.


I watched Kelly Purkey’s latest youtube video.  I am in awe of how people are pulling these process videos together.  I sound and look silly on them.  Keep trying I guess ha!


The boys started sorting and putting away some of Jake’s hockey cards. Which of course led to card trading.


There were snacks had and the game of life played.20150819_160314

Which doesn’t always go the way we expect.

Then he smoked me in UNO twice.


Then this one started creating a new world for a mod he is hoping Bill will install for him tonight.

_MG_7743 _MG_7746

Then they both really got into it and started creating design plans before creating.


I got to spend I little time working on my 2015 Project life album.  Our day at home was quiet and fun.   Thanks for joining me as I share another day from our week in the life.

Tuesday | Week in the Life

Here are Tuesday’s photos and words.


Our morning started off early with a huge thunderstorm that woke us all up before 6am.  There was so much lighting that the sky was light even in the dark.  The thunder shook the house.  I went around making sure computers were off and unplugged (we’ve lost more than one computer in a major electrical storm before).  When I came back upstairs Jake had crawled in with Ian in Nana’s room and we all ended up in there together listening to the storm.

Ian couldn’t go back to sleep and this is where I found him a while later. Listening to youtube videos on his phone in the family room.


Jake actually ended up going to sleep and stayed asleep in his Nana’s room till after I left for my appointment.


My morning always starts with tea, sugar and black.  Always tea. Every morning.


Found my Mom, (Nana) browsing Pinterest, having her tea with Max asleep at her feet.


Time to get ready for the day and head out to my appointment.

Waiting at the lab for my blood work.  Hopefully this will be my last scheduled appointment.  I see my specialist on Monday and am hoping to be discharged and in good health.

20150818_115821I can’t believe how fast the ladies I see are in the lab.  Only four tubes this time, I have come down in numbers, when I started they took up to 10 at a time. 20150818_122635

Stopped at the grocery store by the lab to pick up bread, cat food, and cereal.


Always love the colours in the produce section.20150818_120500

Heading home through all the construction that makes living just outside of the city difficult.  All major routes are under major construction that they started in the last two weeks.

_MG_7590Tea with on of my best friends, hers and mine.20150818_161032

Packed up two of the three kids between us and went for a drive down the farm down the road. _MG_7631

Jake wants to be a farmer he loved seeing how they stacked the bails of hay. Rectangle bails just like his toy bailer.


He insisted we stop to check out the tractor and was explaining to us how it works.


Rolling fields of mustard, at least we think it is mustard seeds.


Our evening was much quieter tonight.  Working on my class content, Ian playing video games, Jake on the iPad, Nana watching TV and Bill working late.  Thanks for taking a look at our Tuesday.

Week in the Life is a week long documentation project created by Ali Edwards.

Monday| Week in the Life

Welcome to Monday, August 17th, day one of our Week in the Life album.  I wanted to share some of the photos and words from yesterday with all of you.20150817_100426

We don’t go back to school until after labour day so we still are enjoying our lazy summer days.  I am off in the summers with the boys from my full time teaching position in the school. Our mornings start late and slow right now.  We like to enjoy slow baths in the morning too.

Jake had his next ENT specialist appointment today.  All clear, tubes are still in and working, hearing test came back great, and back again in 6 months.  Still working our way through speech hoping to see some bigger gains this year, but part of that battle is keeping his hearing good.

I love that Jake is still little enough he wants to hold my hand. I know he wants to be a big boy but he’s still loving holding my hand, and I love that he still does.

When Jake and I got home Ian had woken up.  He’s is in a stay in his pyjamas all day every day, all summer long kinda kid.  I get it.  I’m kinda the same way if I can be._MG_7505

Jake wants to help take care of Max our Malamute puppy (We used to have a puppy named Rogue, but that is a long story for another day) so he asked to take him outside.  So off we went._MG_7493

Speaking of Max.  He cracks me up when he talks to us.  We have whole conversations with him.  I should try posting a video for everyone, it’s hilarious, the cheeky boy he is._MG_7514

Out front in our planters in front of our garage, we decided to plant wildflowers and a type of baby’s breath.  I am so glad we did.  I am loving it inside and outside.


Both of the boys LOVE lego. Jake has really begun to get into building sets, instead of destroying them.  I love that Ian loves his Star Wars LEGO and Jake is into his own thing like Minecraft and most recently Jurassic World LEGO.  He was telling me all about the characters from the LEGO sets.  Neither of us have seen Jurassic World but he is LOVING all things dinosaur lately.

_MG_7513I spent a little time finally getting started on my 2015 Project Life album.  I share more about that in another post but it felt great to get started._MG_7485

After spending a quiet afternoon at home, which myself and my Mom went through clothing for donation, removing everything that doesn’t bring us joy (#konmari style), we decided to hit a local outdoor pool.  It’s a bit of a drive but I loved it, the boys loved it.  Even Bill was able to join us for a swim.  We stayed right until they closed at 9 before heading home.  So thrilled with how much Jake is loving the water these last few times and how well Ian is swimming.


After the drive home it was time to relax and get ready for bed. The boys tend to hang out with Nana in her room till it’s lights out.


Monday was full of nothing and everything all at once.  I really noticed how much my boys have changed and how the little things we do, and how we interact are changing almost daily.

_MG_7552Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our Monday – I am shooting with my Canon 5D Mark ii, my Samsung Note 3, and my waterproof FujiFilm XP.  Week in the Life is created by Ali Edwards.


#LITTLESUMMERJOY | the photographs

Summer is flying by, only 5 weeks left until school starts again.  I have been documenting through my Samsung Note 3 and my Canon Mark ii 5D our summer so far.  Keeping in mine the things on our manifesto and our #LITTLESUMMERJOY album I will be putting together very soon.

Here is our #LITTLESUMMERJOY moments in photographs.

PicMonkey Collage 3

How is your #LITTLESUMMERJOY project coming along?

A Little Moments Story Kit Layout



I was flipping through my box of old photos recently and came across this image of Ian and I.  This photograph means the world to me.  When Ian was little I had to hand the camera off to people and beg them to take a picture.  No one ever understood the why behind it.  No one seemed to get that I wanted to be in the photo with my baby boy.

This photo was a candid shot, one I didn’t even know had been taken.  Jerry, my Uncle’s wife loves to take photos.  All the time.  Doesn’t matter who’s camera.  Doesn’t matter when.  I have since learned to expect an unexpected image or two when I check my images.  Back when Ian was little, I was shooting film still.  This image would have been sitting in my camera until it was processed at the Black’s at the local mall.  Or the Zehrs grocery store lab.  This treasure, this moment captured, this takes my breath away every time I see it.  So many emotions mixed into this image.



Loved these little circle cards from the Little Things story kit from Ali Edwards.  I paired the journal card and embossed circle with papers from the DIY SHOP collection from American crafts and some washi tape.  I love the neutral palette that draws from the image.  This layout took me 30 minutes top to pull it all together.  I love how effortless the story kits make it for you to tell your story.


Being able to get this story told brings me such joy.  It really is the little things like feeding your little one.  Everyday moments.  Especial since that little baby is now almost 13 years old.

Girls Weekend

I just came back last week from travelling stateside with one of my best friends.  Bec invited me to tag along on her annual summer trip to the United States.  Each year they visit the Fiestaware factory in West Virginia, do some shopping in Pennsylvania and a few stops in between.

We left Sunday morning last week for three days.  We spent the morning shopping in Buffalo before heading out to Erie, Pennsylvania.  We took a scenic route “detour” before connecting to one of the main interstates.  It was amazing seeing the difference in homes, in the architecture, the abandoned old buildings, and all of the textures and colours were just amazing in contrast to home.  If I make the trip again I would to be able to take the time to be able to stop and walk around and take it all in.

On our detour because we didn’t have the actual address of the hotel I took us to a central point in Erie and as we arrived and were turning around I yelled from the backseat, “It’s  Penn State! IT’S PENN STATE!”.  We happened to be turning around at the entrance to the Penn State Erie Campus.  UM I died.  In high school my ex-husband, and I were huge college sports fans.  He cheered for Michigan and I cheered for Penn State.  So needless to say to be standing there right in front of Penn State was pretty surreal, considering I never even factored in that I would see it.

Bec humoured me to so I could get a photo or two before we headed off to check into our room.  I only had my Samsung Note 3 with me for photos but it worked perfect for the trip. I wish I had thought to get a picture of me in front of the sign or elsewhere on campus.  I think I was too in shock that I was really there!  It was a great surprise start to the trip.

After a busy first day of travelling, dinner, and lots of shopping we headed back to our hotel to see this beautiful sunset.  Then I chatted with my family at home before Nana sent me a picture of the boys together at bed time.  Loved this little reminder from home.

Our second day of the trip saw us on the road again.  This time we travelled from Pennsylvania, through Ohio and into West Virginia.  What was waiting for us? The Fiestaware factory.  Oh, I knew it was going to be good, but oh was it good.

Oh the colour, the colour upon colour, and did I mention the beautiful colour?  I have a small selection of Fiestaware pieces that Bec has been bringing me back over the years,  I was so excited to just take it all in.

I love all the blues and greens and yellows, and the new slate grey is amazing.  But how could you just choose one colour?  Am I right?  The rainbow of colour here just made me happy.

Beyond the dishes, oh the building, the building itself was old and filled with textures and colours and aged beauty.  I could have taken photographs of their building for days. The view across to Ohio was equally breathtaking.

The food on our trip was pretty awesome too.  I had Haribo gummy bears for the first time ever on this trip.  Um, yum!  How had I not had these before.  All of our meals were pretty great but I enjoyed our endless apps at TGIFs the most.

Also, another pretty awesome part of our trip was that the number 16 Cheez-it race care happened to be at our Hotel, my boys were super excited to see the pictures I sent home to them when I saw it.  Both of my boys are huge NASCAR fans.  Thanks Greg Biffle and team!
We had a pretty great girls weekend that ended up being full of surprises, adventure, lots of miles logged, Starbucks consumed, and many, many shopping bags.  Until the next road trip state side!  Four states, three days, you were fun!



Summer | a Project Life layout

I have started going back through my 2014 album and am filling the missing spaces in it and creating the last layouts to finish off 2014.  Being on Becky Higgins Project Life Creative Team really helped keep my album on track and filled up.  The last few months of the year were especially hard because we were prepping our house to sell, packing to move, and then the big move right before Christmas.  It was a crazy four months, but worth it.

Here I created a pool day layout from our time spend swimming at my Cousin’s home last summer.  I have a little fuji camera that does underwater shots which was just perfect for this little day in the pool we had.Tara McKernin SWIM PL layout

I used a lot of letter stickers on this layout, thickets for the clear pocket to spell out summer.  Then I used a variety of white letter stickers, recollection line from Michaels, to accent to my images.  I also when with layering labels for some texture and depth.  This layout came together in about 20 minutes, that’s it, super fast and simple.  I really enjoy telling a whole story over a two page spread.

For this project I used a combination of products, a card from Ali Edwards Story Kits, Sunshine edition, Kiwi edition and an assortment of tags and labels from Hello Forever Paper Co. and Studio Calico.

Project Life is a memory keeping system from Becky Higgins. You can find out more about her system and product here.

Week in the Life™ 2015

Have you heard of Week in the Life™?  Created by Ali EdwardsWeek in the Life™ is a week long project where you document each day fully of your life.  7 days of photos and words together in a completed project.  Our daily lives documented, frozen in time, pieces from the simple ordinary things we do.

This year Week in the Life™ is August 17-23rd and I will be using Ali Edwards Black & White WITL kit to put together my project.  You can use a kit or shop your stash.

I love this project, my favourite and first album was the week of Jake’s first birthday.  He is now six years old.  I worked so hard on this project.  It’s finished, printed and real.  Best part, my hard drive failed and I lost all those digital files, but I have my album.  I treasure it.

Are you going to join us for Week in the Life™?  So I’m in, are you?